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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Running on Fumes

Idiom: Running on Fumes

Example 1: 

Nancy: How long until we reach the hotel?

Jason: About 50 miles. Why?

Nancy: I was hoping we wouldn't have to stop before arriving, but we need to stop for gas at the next station. We've been running on fumes for a few miles and I don't want to push the car in the dark!

Jason: Neither do I! The GPS says there's a gas station one mile ahead.

Example 2:

Student life is so hard! This week, I had to write a 10-page paper in my sociology class and I have a midterm on Friday in my economics class. Between my part-time job, writing, and studying for the test, I'm running on fumes! I don't think I'll have enough energy to enjoy the weekend. 

Meaning: The expression running on fumes can be used to describe a vehicle/person with no fuel/energy left, but somehow they keep on going.

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