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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A kick!!

Context #1  
Tom: What are you doing?
Chris: I'm putting Tabasco sauce in my humus.
Tom: Why?
Chris: Well, the humus tastes good, but it needs a little kick.

Context #2
Suzie: What did you order?
Teresa: I ordered the Thai green curry.
Suzie: I've had that before.  I hope you like spicy food because that green curry really has a kick.

Meaning: "a kick" is a common American expression that means a spicy component when it comes to food.  It is usually used with the verbs "to have," "to need" and "to give."

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  1. Thanks for posting another great American expression, guys ... Can't wait for more ... Keep up the good work ... We love you ...

    Russian ESL students