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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

To take a rain​ ​check

Context #1: 

Arias and Varysun are talking on the phone.
Arias: Hey Varysun! Can you remind me what time we are going to watch the movie Change of Thrones?
Varysun: Actually, I'm feeling a little sick today.
Arias: Oh, no! What happened?
Varysun: I don't know for sure​,​ but my stomach has been hurting and I've been in bed all day.
Arias: That sounds terrible! Is there anything I can get you?
Varysun: No, thank you, I've just been drinking a lot of 
​water​ and resting.
Arias: I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. 
Varysun: Do you think we could take a rain check on going to the movies?
Arias: Yes! Of course. Once you feel better we can pick another date and time to watch Change of Thrones.
Varysun: Thank you for being so understanding!
Arias: No worries at all, my friend! Feel better and get well soon.
Varysun: Okay, bye now.
Arias: Bye!

Context #2:

Branishk and Ramsayon are cousins who are hanging out at The Rose Garden.

Branishk: I thought you and Sansara were going to Santa Barbara this weekend, no?
Ramsayon: We were but she said she needed to take a rain check.
Branishk: Really? Why? What happened?
Ramsayon: Well, her sister had to have an emergency surgery​,​ so she decided to help​ her this weekend.
Branishk: That's really nice of her. Were you able to get a refund from the hotel?
Ramsayon: We were going to stay at my friend's place, so​ we didn't loose any money. 
Branishk: That's good!

Meaning: To reschedule plans for later

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  1. Thanks a whole lot for posting another great American expression, guys ... Can't wait for more ... Keep up the good work ... We love you ... You rock ...

    Russian ESL students