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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Black Friday; used as a noun


Alex: What are you doing over the Thanksgiving break?
Armando: Well, I'm spending Thanksgiving evening with my parents, and then I'm spending the night in a Best Buy parking lot.
Alex: Why would you do that?
Armando: It's Black Friday. I need a new computer, and they are selling a laptop I've had my eye on for really cheap. But they will have like 5 at that price, so I'm going to camp out in front of the stoor.
Alex: That's sounds dreadful. I will be wishing you luck from the comfort of my apartment.

Meaning: The expression "Black Friday" is a nickname for the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Thanksgiving is a harvest celebration, and in the US, it's always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Because it's on a Thursday, most schools and companies stay closed on the day after. Since everyone is off work and it's roughly a month before Christmas, the day has become one of the most popular shopping days in the US. In order to attract customers, stores usually offer their best sales on that day, although many of these sales are limited, as explained by Armando in the example above. Because of these limited sales, some people have made the day almost a competitive shopping holiday, and every year there are reports of shoppers fighting over an item and people falling and being trampled when the store's doors open.

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