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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

To sit on the fence

Definition: Avoid making a decision or choice

Henry: Hi Vinicius! Have you decided what class you want to take next session?
Vinicius: No I'm still sitting on the fence.
Henry: Which class are you on the fence about?
Vinicius: I will either take Advanced Conversation or Level 7, but I'm trying to figure out which one would be better for me.

In this conversation, Vinicius has to decide between which two classes to take. Since he can't decide or is undecided we say that he is sitting on the fence.

Fillipe: What happened yesterday at the business meeting?
Yuka: Janice and Robert got into a large argument about how best to complete the project.
Fillipe: So did you voice your opinion?
Fillipe: Smart thinking.
Yuka: Oh I sat on the fence for this one

In this conversation, Yuka thought it best not to take sides in an argument and remain neutral so she sat on the fence.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, guys ... Can't wait for more ... Keep up the good work ... A quick question and a little request, though: can we also say 'not to take sides' to mean the same as 'sit on the fence' ... No more 'upper case' lettering in your future posts, please ... Okay ...
    You're the best!

    Your true Russian fans

  2. Yes, the meaning is the same. Good job, students! ;-)