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Thursday, June 8, 2017

On one's own

Example #1

Natasha: Hey, Jackie! Thank you so much for sending me the e-mail regarding the next Summer trip! I wish I could join you guys, but I am actually going on a trip.

Jackie: Oh, no! That's a bummer! Sorry you will not join us. Well, where are you going?

Natasha: I am going to Denmark.

Jackie: WOW! That sounds great! Who are you going with?

Natasha: Nobody! 

Jackie: Wait... Nobody? What do you mean?

Natasha: I am going on my own! Just me! 

Jackie: Are you sure you want to go on your own? Isn't that dangerous?

Natasha: No! I love traveling on my own! Don't worry. Next time you guys plan a trip, I will join you. Thank you again!

Jackie: You are welcome! If you change your mind, let me know!

Example #2

Hi Katherine,

I am so glad to hear you are coming to Los Angeles! You asked me on your e-mail if you could stay with me. Of course you can stay with me!
I live in a studio on my own. It's small, but you can sleep on the air mattress if you don't mind.
It will be so much fun to have you here! I have a business trip from 07/10 to 07/13, so I am sorry you will be on your own those days.
When I get back, we can go on a day trip to San Diego if you want!

Can't wait to see you!



On one's own MEANING: by oneself, alone, unaccompanied

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  1. Thanks for sharing, guys ... You're the best ... Can't wait for more ...

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