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Monday, October 9, 2017

Haste makes waste


: I heard you won some money from the lottery. 
Michael: I did.  I’m going to buy a house, and a boat, and get married, and……
Ina: Whoa! Wait a second. Don’t you want to save or invest some of that money? Also, don’t you want to wait to get to know your girlfriend better before you make a mistake? I mean haste makes waste, don’t you think?
Michael: What are you saying? I mean, I love her and I want to share my new wealth. Besides, I always wanted all that other stuff.
Ina: I know you’re excited right now, but you have to think about things before rushing and making mistakes that could cost you more in the future.

Meaning: The expression "haste makes waste" means to rush into something, or do something quickly, with the possibility of making mistakes that may cause one severe problems or a waste of money and/or materials.

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