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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Patch (Things) Up (used as a verb)

Situation 1:
“Tom and Jerry used to be best friends when they were little.  Unfortunately, when they became older, they both got into a disagreement with one another because they liked the same girl.  Eventually, they patched things up and decided that their continued friendship was more important.”

Situation 2:
Susan:  “I thought Tom and Jerry hated each other.  Usually I see them arguing with one another despite having been childhood friends.  Today, they seem to be enjoying each other’s company.”

Peter:    “They fought over a girl awhile back, but apparently, they patched up their differences and became best friends again.”
To patch things up means to deal, repair, or reconcile one’s differences.  This is typically treated as a phrasal verb and used to communicate the resolution of a disagreement or conflict.  Both of the situations above communicated how Tom and Jerry resolved their differences and became friends again.  In situation 2, the alternative form of patch up (their) differences is also commonly used to express the same idea.


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