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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

To Bounce

To Bounce: To leave; to depart

Situation #1: Two friends are at a party
Sam: This party is so boring!
Rachel: Yes, I know. I guess the speakers are broken, so they can't play any music. Everyone is just sitting around looking at each other.
Sam: Well, if we can't dance or talk to anyone, let's bounce!
Rachel: OK. That sounds good. I want to find something fun to do!
Situation #2: Two people are having a date at a restaurant
Kim: This is such a beautiful restaurant, and the food is delicious!
Calvin: I also love the view of the beach. I could just sit here all night.
Kim: Me, too.
Calvin: I think we are the last two people in the restaurant, and they are closing.
Kim: That's too bad. I guess we had better bounce before they kick us out.

In situation 1, the two friends are really bored at a party, so they decide to leave or bounce. In situation 2, the restaurant is closing so the couple has to leave. The word "bounce" can be used in many different ways, but a lot of people use it as a slang term to say they want to leave a place. 

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