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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

To Break the Ice

To Break the Ice - Meaning: to do or say something when you first meet someone to make the other person feel more comfortable or relaxed, like playing a game or telling a joke.

Hey Amir,

My first day in school was great! I was super nervous meeting all the new people and teachers.
Everyone was in the classroom when our first teacher, Ms. Buell came in. She looked very serious and strict.
I was nervous, but suddenly, she asked everyone to stand up and tell each other about the most interesting place we had ever visited.
It was so much fun. I talked to four different people and felt much more relaxed after that. It was a great ice breaker.
After that, she started the class and I can tell already she will be my favorite teacher!

How was your first day at your new school? Let me know!


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