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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Go hard or go home

Jonathan: Hey bro, today we have a difficult workout at the gym, so leave your
smart phone in your locker.
Manny: But I need to check for messages, and I also need to post on Instagram
that I’m at the gym.
Jonathan: You know what Manny? Stop making excuses and leave your phone in your locker. You’re always on the phone in the middle of your sets and always
make excuses about not trying hard. If you want to workout with us, you need to go hard or go home.
Manny: But what about my messages? They’re important too.
Jonathan: If your messages are more important, stay home and don’t come back to the gym. Otherwise, you’re just pretending you want to improve your health.

To go hard or go home is an expression used to describe a choice between doing something correctly (and with effort) or doing something halfway with no
enthusiasm or care about how well it’s done or performed. In this example,
Manny is more concerned about his Instagram feed so Jonathan reminds him that working out is not about posting pictures or receiving messages, it’s about
commitment to his workouts. This expression can be applied to one’s job,
studies, or any task involving serious effort.

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