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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Gym Bunny

A person busy trying to improve their physique or physical image, which spends countless hours at the gym to do so.

Example 1:
Broski: Dude, I just spent doing one hundred squats with a weight of two hundred pounds. I’m a straight savage.
Ana: What’s the point of doing all the exercise? Do you enjoy it?
Broski: I got to look good for the ladies and show that beach bod year round.
Ana: You’re such a gym bunny. Do you also incorporate a good diet?
Broski: Diet? For what? My diet is the three to four hours of gym I put in to look good.

Example 2:
The Abercrombie store used to pay for gym bunnies to stand shirtless, or with minimal clothes, in front of their store(s) to attract customers to buy things. Whether you think it’s ethical or not doesn’t matter because the gym bunnies grew their business and attraction to the store.

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