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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eye Candy

Example 1:
I love to go to Santa Monica on the weekends for many reasons. The first reason is shopping! The Promenade has the best shops. The second reason is food. Santa Monica has some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. Finally, the third reason is the eye candy! There are always such great looking people walking around. Santa Monica is awesome!
Example 2:
I don't really like soccer but I will go to a soccer game any time I have a chance. It might seem strange, but have you ever noticed all the eye candy at soccer games? The players, the fans, it's great!
eye candy is a very informal way to refer to an attractive person or an attractive group of people.

It's a fun expression that can be used in many situations
I go to the beach for the eye candy.
Look at all the eye candy at this party.
Is there a lot of eye candy there?
This idiom comes from the LSI textbook Speaking Savvy. LSI teachers use this book to teach Level 5 Speaking/Listening. For more information please visit

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