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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"to get down to work"

Example 1:

Gina: Wow, Suzy, our presentation is due tomorrow! Can we finish it?

Suzy: Yes! Don't panic. We just need to find more graphics and add a bit more information.

Gina: You're right. The format looks good. I think the clients will be happy.

Suzy: Exactly. Let's get down to work.

                                   Watford 1

Example 2: (in the library)

Mark: (whispers) Hi Tom, how's it going?

Tom: Hey Mark... ugh! I have way too much work to do! I have to study for my final exams, and I have to write two research papers--and I haven't started them yet! I think my professors gave me too many assignments... it's not possible...

Mark: You know what, Tom? You just need to get down to work!

Tom: You're totally right-- I should stop complaining and get busy.

Mark: That's the spirit, Tom! Good luck!


Meaning: to get serious and focus on what you need to do to accomplish a challenging goal

In Example 1, Gina is worried about their presentation that is due the next day and Suzy calmly suggests that they only need to get down to work and focus on the details to finish it.

In Example 2, Tom should get down to work instead of complaining about it!

The idiom "to get down to work" was taken from Unit 5 (At the Beach) in LSI's textbook Speaking Transitions for Level 4 Speaking/Listening classes.

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