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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

to play up

Example 1:
Cindy: Wow Jenna! Your eyes look great! I love your makeup!
Jenna: Thanks, Cindy! I took a makeup class last week and I learned how to play up my eyes with the right colors. Do you have some free time? I can show you some tricks!
Cindy: That would be great. Thanks! 
Example 2:
The big election is coming up in a few months! Who is the best candidate? How do you know if they are telling the truth? One thing is certain, the candidates will be playing up the importance of family values and other issues they think will gain votes and support. 
to play up = to make something easier to notice. to enhance or emphasize
In example 1, Jenna's eye makeup really makes her blue eyes more noticeable.  
In example 2, the candidates will make sure family values and other important issues will be noticeable/emphasized in their speeches.

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