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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To Be Up For

Idiom: “To Be Up for”
Meaning: To be interested in doing something; to be one of a group of people that might get an award or win an election; to be awake for a period of time

Example #1:
Jan: Hey, Steve! I’m planning on going surfing this weekend at Huntington Beach. I heard you know how to surf really well. Are you up for it?
Steve: That sounds like a lot of fun! I’m always up for surfing!
Jan: OK. Then let’s meet at 6:00 AM on Saturday at the beach.
Steve: I’ll see you then!

Example #2:
Selena: Did you hear the news about Paul?
Jackie: No, what happened?
Selena: He is up for an award.
Jackie: Really? Which award?
Selena: He is up for “Father of the Year.”  

Example #3:
Bob: I’m so tired!!!! I was up for 24 hours and I haven’t slept at all!
Maggie: Why were you up for so long?
Bob: I had to study for my final exams and I didn’t have time to sleep.
Maggie: Oh. I hope you did well after all that work!

Meaning: In example #1 “to be up for” means to have in interest in doing something. In this example, Steve has an interest in going surfing on Saturday. In example #2, “to be up for” means to maybe get an award. In this example, Paul is up for the “Father of the Year” award. In example #3, “to be up for” means to be awake for a period of time. In this example, Bob has been up for 24 hours because he really needed to study for his final exams.  This idiom can be found in Speaking Horizons, which is used in level 6 Listening/Speaking class. For more information, please visit:

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