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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

To Get in the Holiday Spirit

To Get in the Holiday Spirit - to have good feelings about the holidays 
Example 1:
Santa Claus: Merry Christmas, everyone!  

Noriko: Wow! I can’t believe how beautiful the mall looks with all these Christmas decorations. And look over there! It’s Santa Claus posing for pictures with the kids.

Nikki: Yes, Santa Claus is getting everyone in the holiday spirit.
Noriko: I’ve never had my picture taken with Santa before. Do you think it would be strange if I did it now?
Nikki: Why not? Let’s get in the holiday spirit! It will be a nice souvenir for you to take back to Japan with you.

Noriko: OK. Let’s do it!

Christmas Carolers
Example 2: 

Bob: Oh, I’ve been so busy at work. I’m just exhausted! And now, my girlfriend wants me to go to a stupid Christmas party tonight that her company is having. I don’t want to go.

Ken: I know what you mean. I can’t get in the holiday spirit this year. Maybe I’ve just been working too hard.

Bob: Well, a few days of rest and relaxation would help a lot. I’ll definitely get in the holiday spirit once my vacation starts!

Ken: Where are you going this year?

Bob:  We are taking a ski trip to Big Bear. We’ll definitely have a white Christmas with all that snow.

Ken: That’s enough to get anyone in the holiday spirit!

Meaning: To get in the holiday spirit means to become excited about  or to have good feelings about a major holiday, especially Christmas. Someone who gets in the holiday spirit starts participating in all the events surrounding that holiday like buying gifts, sending cards, and putting up decorations. This idiom is especially useful during winter! For more information, please

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