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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To get jipped

Idiom:  to get jipped

Context #1:

Sam: Hey, nice cell phone!
Tom: Yeah, I got it on E-bay for $100.
Sam:  Really?  You got jipped.  I saw the same exact phone at Best Buy for $50.
Tom: Oh man!

Context #2:

Julie: I bought this book on Amazon and the seller said that it was "like new."  But look, there's writing in pen all over the place.
Christine:  It looks like you got jipped.  I would return that book and ask for a refund!
Julie:  Yeah, I'm going to do that.

Meaning:  to get jipped is an idiom in American English that is used for situations where you pay for something but the price is not fair or is unreasonably high.  Sometimes you pay too much for something that is not worth that much.  Sometimes a seller is dishonest and is trying to make a huge profit.  In these situations, you can use this idiom.  Practical idioms like this are taught in the Speaking and Conversation classes at LSI.  

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