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Thursday, April 24, 2014

To be out

Idiom: to be out

Context #1

Jim:  Hey, you'd better wake up Steve.  You know the teacher hates when he sleeps in class.
Tom:  I already tried.  I poked him several times but he still didn't wake up.  He is out!

Context #2

Susie:  What time did you get home from the party last night?
Kathy: I got home around 2 o'clock in the morning. 
Susie: Yeah, me too.  I was so tired I just went to bed.
Kathy: I know.  I brushed my teeth and then turned on the TV to watch a movie but I was out in like 5 minutes.

Meaning: to be out is an American idiom that is used when you describe someone who is in a deep sleep.  When I person is out, it is usually because they are really tired, really exhausted, or really drunk. If someone is out, it is really hard to wake them up. Practical idioms like this are taught in the Speaking and Conversation classes at LSI.  

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