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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Around the Bend

Idiom: around the bend
Meaning: to be coming soon (an event or time of year); upcoming
Context #1 – Betty and Sergio are talking about the upcoming vacation
Sergio: This has been a difficult term at school. I can’t wait until vacation!
Betty: Well, you won’t have to wait long. The break is just around the bend and I have some really fun activities planned!
Sergio: Really?
Betty: Yes. I think you will like where we are going. But I’m keeping everything a secret so that you will be surprised.
Sergio: No way! Vacation is just around the bend and I have very little time to plan. What if I need to bring a bathing suit or hiking boots? I need to know.
Betty: No worries! I will make sure you have everything you need.

Context #2 – It is October 2016 and two friends are talking about the upcoming presidential election in November.
Darline: I can’t believe how fast time goes by. The election is right around the bend and we need to vote for our next president. Do you know who you will vote for yet?
Kenji: No, I think that I need a little more time and there is not much of a choice. One of the candidates just insults everyone and the other one is a career politician who only cares about power.
Darline: Well, it may seem hopeless, but we should still vote. It’s not only the presidential election, but other important elections for the House and Senate are also around the bend.
Kenji: Yes, I know. Maybe our votes will make a difference in those elections.
Darline: I certainly hope so!

Meaning: The idiom “around the bend” means upcoming or coming soon in American English. Sometimes “around the corner” can have the same meaning when discussing upcoming events or seasons. For example, in Context 1, they are talking about their upcoming vacation. In Context 2, they are talking about the presidential election which is just around the bend. Please note that in British English, the definition for this idiom is crazy or mentally unstable. For example. “I think this stressful job is sending me around the bend,” which means the job is making me crazy.

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