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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Comfort food (used as a noun)

Context #1 A teacher and his student talkingTeacher: What's wrong Tatiana? Tatiana: I have been feeling a little down recently and last night I went to a Russian restaurant near my apartment. Teacher: I hope you had a great time. Did you eat anything good? Tatiana: Yeah, that's the problem. Since I was missing home I ate some Russian comfort food. I had a very delicious bowl of Borscht. Teacher: That's wonderful! So what's the problem? Tatiana: It reminded me of home so much that now I'm really homesick.

Context #2 Two friends talking Henry: So Jeries , do you get home often? Jeries: Not as often as I would like to. My boss keeps me really busy. Henry: I hear you. My boss can be like that too. Don't you miss you family and friends? Jeries: Nope. My mom sends me some really good Mac and Cheese. She makes it from scratch. Henry: That's gotta be good to eat some old fashioned comfort foodJeries: Yeah, it reminds me of when I was a little boy. we would have Mac and Cheese almost every weekend. I am amazed that I still love it.

Meaningf Comfort food is simple, homestyle food that brings an individual comforting thoughts of their home or childhood. In context #1 Borscht reminds Tatiana of her home in Russia. In context #2 the Mac and Cheese reminds Jeries of the time when he was young.

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