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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

To Munch Out

Context #1 – Roommates watching TV at home

Vanessa: Hi Brad. I just bought some hamburgers and fries from In-N-Out. Set up the table so that we can munch out while watching Game of Thrones!
Brad: Really? Actually, I bought some food from In-N-Out too. I think we have way too much food!
Vanessa: Not at all! Now we can really munch out!

Context #2 – Two friends in the school cafeteria

Sami:  Hey, Petra! How are you?
Petra: Oh, hi Sami. I’m so hungry!!! I just finished this huge 3-hour test and I’m just starving. I feel like I haven’t eaten in years.
Sami: Ha! Well, you can have half of my broccoli sandwich.
Petra: You can’t be serious! Thanks but no thanks. I don’t feel like munching out on a broccoli sandwich.
Sami: Well, I have some celery with low-fat plain yoghurt. Very healthy and yummy!
Petra: Ahhh, I think I’ll pass. I’m going to go over a munch out on that super-sized pizza I just ordered.
Sami: All by yourself?
Petra: Yep! I would offer you some pizza, but you obviously are busy munching out on your broccoli sandwich and celery sticks.

Meaning: “To munch out” means to eat a lot of food in a very short period of time. In the first dialogue, the roommates want to munch out while watching a TV show. In the second dialogue, Petra is so hungry that she is going to munch out on an super-sized pizza all by herself.


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