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Thursday, October 13, 2016

To be stoked

Context #1: Marco and Cindy are siblings (brother and sister).

Marco: We have only 5 days left before our three month summer vacation.
Cindy: I know! I can't wait for us to go to Hawaii and surf all summer.
Marco: Me too! I'm so stoked about it.
Cindy: So are mom and dad. They are counting the days.
Marco: So are we!!
Cindy: Hahaha! That's true!

Context #2: Rafael and Juan are classmates

Juan: I'm so worried about the third class!!
Rafael: Why?
Juan: What do you mean "Why?" We have a test on 5 chapters!
Rafael: No, we don't.
Juan: Huh?
Rafael: Weren't you in class yesterday?
Juan: No, why?
Rafael: Professor Smith said that he won't test us until Monday, so we have the weekend to study for it.
Juan: Oh man! I'm so stoked about that. I was freaking out.

Meaning - To be very excited about something

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