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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

To Luck Out

Context #1 – Two friends talking

Victoria:  Hey, Billy! I just lucked out and got tickets to see the Dodgers tonight at 6:00 PM. Do you want to join me?
Billy: Wow! You got playoff tickets? That’s amazing!
Victoria: I know! I just happened to tell my classmate how much I love the Dodgers and he is a season ticket holder. He offered me two tickets for free since he can’t go to the game.
Billy: That is so awesome. And I guess I lucked out too since you are inviting me!

To gain success or to gain something that was desired by chance; experience good luck. 

Context #2 – Two friends at school in the hallway

Perry: Hello, Gino. You look relieved. What’s up?
Gino: Well, I forgot about my final exam in Math today and I didn’t study at all. I only realized there would be a test when I got to class.
Perry:  Seriously? Why are you so calm about it? You must have bombed* that test.
Gino: No, that is why I’m so relieved. I totally lucked out because Professor Daniels was sick today, so the test was postponed until Monday. I have the whole weekend to study!
Perry: Oh, I see. I guess you really did luck out after all.

Meaning: "To luck out” means to get something good that you want by chance when least expecting it. In Context 1, Victoria was surprised that she got two free tickets to the Dodger playoff game because generally those tickets would be hard to get or just too expensive. In Context 2, Gino didn’t study at all for the test and would have probably failed it if the teacher had not been sick and postponed the test until Monday. He lucked out because now he can study for the test over the weekend and do much better.

*to fail at something

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