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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

To go dutch

Context #1 – Friends Having Dinner Together

That was a good dinner. Let me ask for the check.
Henry:Yeah, please do. Let me know how much I should cover.
Marc: No way man! I invited you to dinner.
Henry: I only agreed to dinner if we would go Dutch. So, no arguments. 
Marc: Okay, but next time, you have to let me pay.

Context #2 – Paying for the taxi

Vivian: It’s great to see you again. I ordered us a taxi.
Roy: How much was it? I want to cover for it.
Vivian: We never said we would go DutchYou can pay the next taxi.
Roy: Okay, sure. But for dinner, we will go Dutch. The restaurant we’re going to is not cheap.

To “go Dutch” means to pay for one self. For example, if friends go out to dinner or planned activity, each person will pay for their own food, transportation, etc.

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  1. Thanks for sharing another awesome American phrase ... Can't wait for more ... keep up the good work ... We love you ...

    Russian ESL students