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Friday, May 5, 2017

To pig out

Context #1
Matt and Pete are about to leave for a party.

Matt: Are you ready for the party?
Pete: Oh yeah! I’m starving!
Matt: What? Really?
Pete: Yes! I haven’t eaten all day. I’ve been waiting for the party so I can pig out!
Matt: Ah, Pete: I don’t know if they will have food. I hope you know that this party we’re going to is a political party.

Context #2
Melinda sits in front of many empty plates and used napkins. Janet approaches her.

Janet: How was dinner, Melinda?
Melinda: Delicious! Too delicious! Look at how much I ate. I can’t eat another bite.
Janet: Too bad you pigged out on dinner because this restaurant has the best desert in the world!
Meaning: To eat a lot, to eat more than expected. We think of a pig as an animal that never stops eating. When we use “pig out” with a person, we basically say that person “eats as much as a pig.” “To make a pig of” oneself is another

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  1. Thanks for sharing, guys ... Great idiom ... Can't wait for more ... Keep up the good work ... We love you ...

    Russian ESL students

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