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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

By hand

Context #1

Mark: Hi Dave, how are you? Oh, why do you look so worried?

Dave: Yeah, I'm a little worried about pollution.

Mark: I know, Earth is suffering. Pollution is terrible! That's why I always have my bag made by hand with me. They are super cute and sustainable. 

Dave: You made my day! I'm going to buy it now!

Meaning: Made by human hands and handheld tools as opposed to a machine. 

Context #2

Michael: Hello, Ana! Would you like me to help you with the deliveries?

Ana: No, Michael! I'm sorry but my boss told me to deliver the message by hand.

Michael: That's fine! I just wanted to help!

Meaning: Something that is delivered "by hand" is delivered by a person and given directly to the person it is addressed to.


  1. Thanks for sharing, guys ... Great idiom ... Can't wait for more ... Keep up the good work ...
    A couple of quick questions, though ...
    1 In Example 1, are you sure the preposition should be 'with' and not 'for' before the pronoun 'me'?
    2 In Example 1, do you mean that Dave is going to by the bag Mark had made for himself?!
    2 In Example 2, how can a message be delivered by hand unless it's a paper slip / note?

    We love you ...

    Russian ESL students
    American Language Center

    1. Hello, dear students!

      The preposition is corrected. The bag was made "by hand" but it doesn't say that it was made by Mark. It's an artisanal or craft product. In the last context, the message was written. It's implicit in the context. Bye, folks ;-)