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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

To Scratch the surface

Example 1: 

Katya: Hey,​Yuko! What did you learn about in school today?

Yuko: Our professor talked about space. We learned about stars, planets, and black holes. It was so interesting!

Katya: Wow! I've always wondered if there could be life on other planets. Did you learn about that?

Yuko: No, our lesson was only one hour long. The professor only scratched the surface. I will have to learn a lot more about space before I can understand it completely.

Example 2: 

Amy: How was your trip to Los Angeles?

Jason: It was great, but I wish it had been​ longer. I was there for a week, and I got to see the Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood sign, and the ​Dodger Stadium. But I feel like there is so much more to see and do in LA. I barely scratched the surface

Meaning: To ​talk about a topic on a superficial level; not go deeply into the subject; only deal with a small part of a problem or situation.

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