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Monday, November 6, 2017

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Example 1:

Madeline: Watch out for him. I don’t believe he’s the “nice guy” everyone thinks he is.
Sally: How do you know?
Madeline: I don’t really have any proof, but I get a sense he’s just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s being nice now, but he’ll take advantage of you if he can.
Example 2:

Allison: I just had the greatest experience at the used-car dealer! I met the nicest salesman who showed me so many great cars. He promised me he’d give me the best deal.
Bradley: Be careful, buddy! Used-car salesmen are not known for being the most honest people. They’re often characterized as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Just make sure that what he promises is what you pay. And DON’T sign anything until you’re sure.


A wolf in sheep’s clothing is a biblical idiom that is used to warn people against individuals who do not show their true intentions in order to gain from unsuspecting people. Imagine a wolf, generally a dangerous animal, disguising itself as a sheep in order to take advantage of someone. 

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