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Friday, December 22, 2017

finger lickin' good

Idiom: finger lickin' good; used as an adjective

First Example:

Billy: Have you been to that new barbeque place?    
Etta: Yeah, and their ribs really are finger linkin' good.
Billy: Ooh, that sounds good, and now I want ribs.
Etta: Let's go for lunch!

Meaning: The expression "finger lickin' good " is used for especially good food. It literally that the food is so good that you will lick your fingers after, although not everyone who says the expression will literally lick their fingers. "Finger lickin' good" was initially a slogan for Kentucky Fried Chicken (now KFC), and while it is still sometimes used by the company, it has become a popular expression outside of KFC.

Second Example:                               

Mom: What do you want for dessert for your birthday? Cake?
Son: No. Can you make that finger lickin' good brownie you made last month?
Mom: Sure! That was good, wasn't it?

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