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Friday, December 22, 2017

to cut to the chase

Idiom: to cut to the chase; used as a verb

First Example:

Henry: ...and then, I asked if there was going to be a meeting about this, or if it was just a decision from management, but she couldn't tell me, although she did not seem to want a meeting...       
Patti: Can you just cut to the chase already? Are they making the change or not?
Henry: Oh, uh, yeah, the managers decided.
Patti: Great, thanks.

Meaning: The expression "to cut to the chase " means to focus on what's important. As in the above example, the expression is often used when someone is telling a story or giving background, but the other person just wants to know the final outcome.

Second Example:

Lou: I need a new assistant. Mine is not working out.
Nico: Why not?
Lou: She gets hung up on little details, but our office is such a fast-paced environment. I need someone who can cut to the chase and get things done.
Nico: I think I know someone who might be perfect. I'll tell her to send you her resume.
Lou: Thanks!

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