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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Be second to none

Context #1

 Today was such a good soccer game. I didn’t think I would score so many goals.

Duh, everyone knows you’re second to none. You’re the best player in the league. 

 I didn’t really think about it that way. I’m glad people can see how hard I train.

Jay: Bro, you’re the best. Like I said, you’re second to none

Context #2

Dwayne: This restaurant is so delicious. It’s not even that expensive. 

Alexis: Yes! This place is second to none, even though it’s a small local joint.

Dwayne: I guess people never think small community restaurants like these can be world class.

Alexis: Well, most restaurants start somewhere right? 

Dwayne: Yeah. And your knowledge of finding good restaurants like these is definitely second to none.

Meaning: Second to none means literally: there is no one to whom this person would be second. Example: It is the best. It can be applied to objects, too.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, guys ... Can't wait for more ...

    Corrections: Restaurants can't be delicious - food can ... 'Knowledge of finding' is bad style - 'an ability to find' sounds a lot better ...

    Russian ESL students
    American Language Center

  2. Hello, dear Russian students! And YES restaurants CAN be delicious for sure maybe you should meet the places that we have here in LA! About the style, we all have different writing styles, right? Learning is amazing! Thank you for the tips ;-) Stay tuned!