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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Straight Fire

Pete: Yo Josey, did you watch last night’s World Cup match?
Josey: No why? Did something great happen?
Pete: Dude, Neymar scored a goal from sixty meters. That kid is straight fire.
Josey: If he keeps playing like that, he’ll never stop being popular.

Jessica: OMG! The new eating adventure show is straight fire; I can’t stop watching it.
Barry: It’s so true! My parents and I watch it every night. It’s so addicting.
Jessica: Let’s hope it continues with such great content.
Barry: Yes, let’s hope it keeps trending.

Straight fire is used as an adjective to describe someone/something that is currently trending, or super popular. People use it in a positive context to denote admiration of a specific characteristic or skill.

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