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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Chat Abbreviations

In today’s world of instant chatting technology, there are literally thousands of instant messaging apps out there!  From Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, and Facebook’s Instant Messenger, the English language itself has evolved into a more tech-friendly language.  Welcome to the world of chat abbreviations

Chat abbreviations are basically short-hand abbreviations for commonly used words and phrases.  Rather than typing the entire word, people often use these shortenings when they text each other.  Below is a list of some of the most common chat abbreviations and acronyms.  These are just a few that you might encounter and are also extremely easy to use!  Happy texting!
QT        “Cutie” 
BFF       “Best friend forever”
LOL       “Laugh out loud”                
BRB       “Be right back”
GR8       “Great”                        
BRT       “Be right there”
IMU       “I miss you”                    
CUS       “See you soon”
CU         “See you”                   
XOXO    “Hugs and kisses”
F2F       “Face to face”                    
IDK       “I don’t know”
WYWH  “Wish you were here”               
IRL       “In real life”
TIX       “Tickets”                    
IDC       “I don’t care”
JK         “Just kidding”                    
L8R       “Later”
UR        “You are / You’re”               
OIC       “Oh, I see”

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