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Thursday, March 24, 2016

To Shoot the Breeze

Meaning: Chat or talk to someone in a very casual, fun way

Context #1 – Two students are talking about going on Spring Break

Jaffer:  I can’t wait until the end of this term! I really need a break from studying.
Katrina: I know. It’s nice to take a break from school every now and then. What are you planning on doing?
Jaffer: Nothing. I just want to sleep all day, sit around, and shoot the breeze with my friends. I won’t even open one of my textbooks. I can’t wait!
Katrina: Me, too! I’m just going to be shooting the breeze and having fun! 
Jaffer: Well, have a good one!

Context #2 – Two co-workers are gossiping in the office around the water cooler

Simon: Did you see Kevin today? Unbelievable!
Pete: Huh? What do you mean?
Simon: He was over there at his desk just shooting the breeze with Jasmine. I don’t think he has worked even one minute today.
Pete: .Really? But Kevin is always such a good worker and finishes everything on time. Are you sure he wasn’t just helping Jasmine with her work? He just doesn't seem like the type to sit around and shoot the breeze with people at work.
Simon: Ha! Believe me, that wasn’t work! He was just sitting there enjoying their little chat without any concern about the tons of work everyone has to do.
Pete: Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe he just didn’t feel like working today.

Meaning: “To shoot the breeze” means to talk or chat with someone in a very casual manner. In context 1, Jaffer isn’t going to go anywhere for his break. He just wants to “shoot the breeze” and hang out with his friends. In context 2, Simon is angry that Kevin is just sitting around and chatting with Jasmine instead of working.

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