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Friday, March 25, 2016

You rock

First Example:

Freddie: I’m going to organize the biggest party of all time.
Mick: Dude, you rock!  When is this party going to take place?
Freddie: We’re going to rent an entire farm and set up a massive sound system that all the neighbors will be able to hear.
Mick: Wow! You’re really putting on a show.

Meaning: "You rock" is an expression used to show strong approval.  Since Rock N’ Roll is a popular genre of music, it is an expression going back for some time.  However, it’s still popular in use.

Second Example:

John: Hey man, do you think you can have that work done by the end of the day?
Paul:  I completed that work last week.  I can have it on your desk in a minute.
John:  Fantastic! You rock!  I can always count on you.
Paul:  Thanks.  I really appreciate your comment.

Meaning: In this instance, “You rock” is also used for approval, but it can also be used as a cheer from excitement.

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