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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

To Go Down in Flames

Example 1:

Hey, Marty! What are you doing for your birthday?

I think I am going to have a party at Fabulous 5.

Wait! They went out of business!

What?! Are you sure? They closed down?!

Yeah. Apparently there were leaks in the restrooms, holes in the walls, the chairs and tables were old and starting to break, and on top of all that, they owed a lot of money to the government. They had no choice!

Oh, man! Yeah, I guess it’s  true! The place was in pretty bad shape, but they had the nicest people working there and the DJs were always awesome! It’s hard to believe they would go down in flames like that!

I know! I’ll miss their cocktails… They were pretty good and they only cost $3.00!

Well, maybe that’s why they were not making enough money… I will never forget Fabulous 5!

Example 2:

Hey Susan,

Jonathan is my brother-in-law. He is an experienced banker and is currently looking for a job. His career went down in flames after his company accused him of stealing from them… I don’t believe that actually happened and now he can’t get a job anywhere. Do you think you could interview him if you need someone?


Meaning of “to go down in flames”: To be ruined, to fail, to end completely or suddenly.

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