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Thursday, April 28, 2016

To fall into your lap

Example 1:

Tom and Elizabeth are brother and sister. Tom has been looking for a job for about a month.
Elizabeth: How’s your job hunt going, Tom?
Tom: I finally have a job
Elizabeth: Really?
Tom: Yes! I’m going to be working as a Coder for
Elizabeth: Oh wow!! That’s so exciting! Congratulations
Tom: Thank you sis!
Elizabeth: How did you get that job?
Tom: I’d turned in my resume about two months ago and completely forgot about it. Well, they called me last week and interviewed me over the phone.
Elizabeth: That’s amazing! It seems like it just fell into your lap
Tom: Yes! I’m surprised how easily it fell into my lap. They want me to start tomorrow.
Elizabeth: I’m so happy for you
Tom: Me too.

Example 2:

I’ve been looking for a cheap apartment in West Hollywood. My best friend pays $950 for a one bedroom apartment there. That rate is unheard of for that area. She told me that she is going to be going to Russia to teach English for one year, so I can take over her lease. I’ll be paying the same amount for rent. I can’t believe how effortlessly that apartment fell into my lap.

Meaning: To come to you without you making any effort.

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