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Thursday, April 21, 2016

For the Birds

Context #1 – Roommates watching TV at home

Vanessa: This new TV show was supposed to be so good, but it's really boring and confusing. I have no idea what's going on.
Brad: Yes, this show is definitely for the birds. Why don't we change the channel?
Vanessa: I agree. Even reruns of old shows are better than this!

Context #2 – Two friends at a party

Sami:  Hey, Petra! How are you?
Petra: OK, I guess. I hardly know anyone here.
Sami: Yeah, me too. I thought Brian invited a bunch of our friends?
Petra: I don't see anyone. Plus, these snacks suck. A few carrot sticks and sparkling water? Seriously? This isn't supposed to be a health club, it's a party!
Sami: I know. And this live band is terrible. They are just making noise, not music.
Petra: You know what? This party is for the birds. Let's get out of here and go some place fun!
Sami: Great idea! Let's go.

Meaning: “For the birds” means that something is worthless or undesirable. In Context 1, the new TV show is terrible and not even worth watching, so they decide to change the channel. In Context 2, the party doesn't have good food, music, or people they know, so it is no good. Petra and Sami finally decide to leave.

Check out the following video that is literally "For the Birds!"


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