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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

To Eat It

Context #1

Jim:  Hey, what happened to your elbow?  It's all bandaged up.
Tony:  Well, I was riding my bike to school yesterday and I ate it when I was going down hill.
Jim:  Wow!  You have to be careful.  

Context #2

Susie: I heard your boyfriend is teaching you how to skateboard.
Jenny:  Yeah, that's right.  
Susie:  Is it hard?
Jenny:  Well, the first few days I was trying to figure out how to keep my balance.  I ate it a lot and scrapped up my knees and hands. 

Meaning: "to eat it" is an idiom that means "to fall" while doing some kind of sport or activity (surfing, snowboarding, riding a bike, jogging, etc.)  Usually it is used when a person falls down and gets a little hurt.  

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