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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Example 1:

Johnny: Hey Daniel, are you really going to compete in a doubleheader? Isn’t your leg hurt?

Daniel: Don’t worry Johnny, I know one competition right after the other might sound crazy, but I can handle it.

Johnny: What if someone sweeps your leg or something?

Daniel: It wouldn’t be the first time.  Besides, if I can win both competitions in one day, I’ll get even more famous.

Example 2:

Bill: We should totally give a presentation on History.

Ted: No way dude! How about a presentation on time travel?

Bill:  Dude, you thinking what I’m thinking?

Bill & Ted:  Presentation Doubleheader!  Excellent!

Ted:  But Bill, wouldn’t that take a lot of work.  I mean one presentation after the other sounds 

difficult.  A doubleheader will need lots of presenters.  Maybe we can dress people up in costumes.

Bill:  That’s awesome.  And I can have my stepmom and little brother can help us prepare.  

Meaning: Two events, presentations, movies, etc. happening one after the other.  Usually there’s a short time between both events, but they are both happening the same day.

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